This service is available for silk or wool that has been painted with steam fix dyes. I can steam fabric upto 1.4 metres wide and also scarves with ready rolled edges. My charges for steaming are shown below. If you do decide to send me your works of art to be steamed, please read the notes at the bottom of this page carefully.

STEAMING CHARGES (February 2023)

ITEMPRICE (£)PRICE (£) With salt and/or wax
SILK  - yardage upto 90 cm wide £4.00/meter £6.00/meter
SILK  - yardage upto 115 cm wide £5.00/meter £7.50/meter
SILK  - yardage upto 140 cm wide
SILK  -  ready rolled scarves
28cm x 114cm £1-80 each £2-70 each
28cm x 130cm £2-25 each £3-35 each
35cm x 130cm £2.25 each £3-35 each
40cm x 150cm £3-15 each £4-75 each
45cm x 180cm £3.30 each £4-95 each
74cm x 74cm £3-75 each £5.65 each
90cm x 90cm £4-50 each £6.75 each
110cm x 110cm £5-85 each £8-75 each
WOOL AND VELVET Please contact me for a quotation

  1. Before sending material for steaming make sure that it is completely dry and that all traces of salt, if used, have been removed.
  2. If you have used any form of wax as a resist please ensure that all traces of the wax are removed from the fabric before sending it for steaming.
  3. Whatever outer wrapping you use for your parcel, please make sure that the inner packaging is of polythene so that there is no chance of your fabric coming into contact with any moisture before it reaches me.
  4. Return post and packing are charged at cost, and need to be added on to the steaming cost calculated using the rates shown in the table above. Please indicate whether you would like your steamed items sent back by First Class post, by Recorded Delivery, or by Special Delivery.
  5. Please make your payment by cheque. If you are in any doubt as to how much the steaming and/or the post and packing will come to simply contact me and I will advise you accordingly.

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